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June 7, 2022. 1. A woman played the national anthem… | by The Baseball Newsletter | Jun, 2022

June 7, 2022. 1. A woman played the national anthem… | by The Baseball Newsletter | Jun, 2022

1. A woman played the national anthem on a saw

From the A’s game yesterday in Oakland, and the headlines write themselves:

You ain’t never saw this before!

2. NCAA umpires really don’t like home run celebrations

Even if the batter just walks slightly slower than they should be.

3. The Angels have lost 12 games in a row

It’s getting weird out there in Anaheim, for a team that started much of the year in first place, comfortably in a contending spot — and now, day after day, they can’t get near a win.

And last night’s game was especially brutal, a 1–0 loss with the sole run coming from this play, lazy moments on the relay from the outfield:

Tonight, they go for the franchise record.

4. The stat of the day: The Mets are sac flying a lot

Sac-flying? Sac’ing fly?

They’ve already surpassed the total they had in all of 2021.

5. The pitching performance of the day: Michael Wacha

Either he was very dominant, or he happened to be facing the team that’s lost eleven straight games (now twelve) — or both.

6. Benches cleared in the Mariners vs. Astros game

Everyone gets fired up, and then it’s just a big angry mingle behind home plate — as per usual with these baseball not-quite-fights of late.

7. The Mariners are turning to desperate measures

When you’re 25–30 in a year that was supposed to be a major turnaround, you’ll try anything.

And the result? It might just have worked.

8. There’s a guy named Fidel Castro in the minor leagues

And the parent team of the Daytona Tortugas?

Very fitting — the Reds.

9. A follow-up on the infamous “thumbs down” Mets incident last year

10. And last but not least, Eduardo Escobar hits for the cycle

After a quiet baseball day, I had to keep the best highlight for the newsletter finale.

And he did it in the most exciting way, too:

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