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New Tool Added to Stathead Hockey! Check out the Team Season Finder

WNBA Stats and More Updates to the Team Game Finder on Stathead Basketball

Posted by Jonah Gardner on July 27, 2022

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a brand new tool to Stathead Hockey: the Team Season Finder. With this new tool, you can search for team stats on a season level, in addition to the game level stats in the Team Game Finder. Search through a range of team stats, covering everything from wins and losses to goals and shots, to power plays and penalty kills.

With the Team Season Finder, you can answer questions like:
What team has the most wins since 2010?
What was the most goals allowed by a team that made the playoffs?
What was the last team to have a 22% power play percentage and an 85% penalty-kill rate?

In addition to the Team Season Finder, Stathead Hockey gives you the ability to search team advanced stats, as well as a number of ways to search for player stats and draft history. Try it for free for a month.

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