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The Anniversary of 9/11 Hits Home for Matt Pidich

Lively, Bats Shutout Stripers 6-0 on Sunday

September 11, 2022 – International League (IL)Louisville Bats News Release

September 11th for most people is a day of distant remembrance, but for the Bats’ Matt Pidich and his family, the day is a reminder of how lucky they are to have each other.

Pidich grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey and unlike most kids in his area, both his mom and dad worked at the World Trade Center. On September 11, 2001, Pidich was in first grade, attending school as usual until he was called to the school office for early dismissal. “Typically, I went to before school care and after school care, just because my parents had to commute into the city by train, so they had to have a lot of time to commute so typically I just got dropped off at seven o’clock in the morning and then was there until six o’clock at night,” said Pidich. “So, I got called down and it was kind of weird because I had no idea what was going on. My dad picked me up and I found out afterwards that he didn’t go into work that day because my grandma had to go to the hospital.” Despite the unfortunate circumstances, that was blessing number one for the family on that day.

Although just six years old, Pidich recalls almost everything about that day. “We got back to my house and my neighbor Joe from across the street was at our house and I thought that was weird,” Pidich said. “My dad and Joe were standing in the living room watching the TV, watching the news, and my dad told me not to look at the TV. I had been to the Trade Center many times, so he said don’t look at the TV. Me being a kid, I was rebellious, and I looked at the TV and I saw what was going on and I obviously saw that the building was on fire.” Still unsure of the full effect of the events, Pidich went on with the day, waiting for his mom to come home. “I just assumed that my dad had talked to my mom already and that everything was okay,” he said. Finally, around 6:30-7 pm that evening, relief came. “I forget how she communicated to say that she was okay, but she ended up coming home at like 6:30-7 o’clock at night, it was late, and she was just covered in soot, it was crazy. We were all just relieved,” Pidich recalled, adding “she ended up walking the whole city with one of her co-workers and they eventually got a ferry because everything was down, all the radio antenna towers I guess were down, so there was no service anywhere in the city.”

Thankfully for Pidich and his family, his mom made it home safely, but not everyone made it…

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