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The MLB’s most valuable franchises heading into 2023 season

The MLB's most valuable franchises heading into 2023 season

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Most valuable MLB franchises heading into 2023 season originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Less than a week ago, the Astros won their second World Series title after defeating the Phillies in six games.

Even though the Astros came out on top, they are not the team in the league that brings in the most revenue and they certainly do not have the highest net worth in baseball.

Numerous factors can impact team value, including market size, team revenue, on-field success and more. With MLB free agency underway and other movements within the league, including the Orioles and Angels potentially coming for sale, who knows what the new season will bring. 

Let’s take a look at the league’s most valuable franchises heading into the 2023 season:

Which MLB teams make the most revenue?

The Los Angeles Dodgers lead the list of MLB teams that make the most revenue

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: $595 million

2. New York Yankees: $485 million

3. Boston Red Sox: $479 million

4. Atlanta Braves: $443 million

5. Chicago Cubs: $425 million

6. Houston Astros: $388 million

7. Texas Rangers: $387 million

8. San Francisco Giants: $384 million

9. Los Angeles Angels: $331 million

10. Philadelphia Phillies: $323 million

What is each MLB team worth?

Here is an estimate of how much each MLB team is worth, according to Forbes:

  1. New York Yankees: $6 billion

  2. Los Angeles Dodgers: $4.075 billion

  3. Boston Red Sox: $3.9 billion

  4. Chicago Cubs: $3.8 billion

  5. San Francisco Giants: $3.5 billion

  6. New York Mets: $2.65 billion

  7. St. Louis Cardinals: $2.45 billion

  8. Philadelphia Phillies: $2.3 billion

  9. Los Angeles Angels: $2.2 billion

  10. Atlanta Braves: $2.1 billion

  11. Texas Rangers: $2.05 billion

  12. Washington Nationals: $2 billion

  13. Houston Astros: $1.98 billion

  14. Toronto Blue Jays: $1.78 billion

  15. Chicago White Sox: $1.76 billion

  16. Seattle Mariners: $1.7 billion

  17. San Diego Padres: $1.575 billion

  18. Detroit Tigers: $1.4 billion

  19. Minnesota Twins: $1.39 billion

  20. Colorado Rockies: $1.385 billion

  21. Arizona Diamondbacks: $1.38 billion

  22. Baltimore Orioles: $1.375 billion

  23. Pittsburgh Pirates: $1.32 billion

  24. Cleveland Guardians: $1.3 billion

  25. Milwaukee Brewers: $1.28 billion

  26. Cincinnati Reds: $1.19 billion

  27. Oakland Athletics: $1.18 billion

  28. Kansas City Royals: $1.11 billion

  29. Tampa Bay Rays: $1.1 billion

  30. Miami Marlins: $990 million

Which MLB team has the biggest cash spending budget?

The team with the biggest payroll is the New York Mets with a whopping $170.5 million.

The teams…

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