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2023 Braves Top 10 Prospects Chat

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Carlos Collazo answered questions regarding the Braves farm system at 1 p.m. ET. You can read the full transcript below.

Carlos Collazo: Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by to chat about the Braves Top 10. This system isn’t quite what it used to be, but they’ve graduated a ton of impactful players in recent years that’s a big reason for that. Let’s get into your questions!

Wax (Scadrial):

    Where would Grissom have fallen on the list had he not graduated? Is hea viable option at SS if they don’t sign someone?

Carlos Collazo: I think it would have been a pretty easy call to make Grissom the No. 1 player on this list if he hadn’t graduated. Our piece with updated BA Grades on graduated prospects for the Easterns teams offers some good insight into this. I put a 50/Medium on Muller, who is the current No. 1 prospect (and only needs 1.1 innings to graduate) and our updated grade on Grissom is a 55/Medium. I didn’t have to think too much about this since Grissom was graduated before I started the process, but he would have been the guy if he were still prospect eligible. He was the top prospect in the organization in our June/July and August updates to the team top 30s as well. I think he is viable for the position if they Braves don’t get one of the big FA SSs or re-sign Dansby Swanson, but everything I’ve heard indicates he’s not really an everyday shortstop. I’d rather have him as an everyday regular in another position and playing SS in a pinch.

Ken (Lakewood CA):

    Thanks for the chat Carlos. Bryce Elder was in the Atlanta Top 10 Prospects, but has fallen out of that list. He is also not in the projected starting rotation. Did he pitch his way out of their top prospects or did others force their way in? Do you see him somewhere in the Braves starting rotation or does he not have what it takes, your opinion? Thanks.

Carlos Collazo: I had Elder slotted to rank somewhere among the top five prospects before an October 3 start where he threw five innings and exceeded our thresholds for prospect eligibility (50 innings). He’s not in the projected starting rotation, but I also think the Braves have a number of players who could be involved in a starting role who just didn’t fit into one of those five spots. As you can see by the top 10, most of the Braves best prospects currently are pitchers, and many of the most big-league ready prospects are also pitchers. They are going to have a surplus of players who could presumably start at the big league level next year,…

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