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10 Players Poised To Join Top 100 Prospects List In 2023

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Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects list for 2023 has been released, but the version you see now is far from its final form. We update the list regularly throughout the season. Sometimes it’s to replace players who have graduated from prospect consideration. Other times, it’s to reflect the ebbs and flows of prospects during the spring and summer.

Here are 10 players we believe could land on the Top 100 at some point in 2023 if they live up to their expectations. 

Samuel Zavala, OF, Padres

Despite trading a small city’s worth of prospects over the last few years, San Diego still has an enviable top of its system. The Padres placed Jackson Merrill (22) and Dylan Lesko (69) on this year’s Top 100, but Zavala could join them at some point. The outfielder missed time in 2022 with hamstring and wrist injuries but was impressive when he was on the field. He’s got plenty of power potential from the left side—he homered seven times in 33 games at Low-A—despite a frame that doesn’t look like it would be conducive to thumping balls. He’s also got a strong idea of the strike zone and the speed and instincts to handle center field at least until his body reaches full maturity. He’ll play more than half of the 2023 season at 18 years old and could shoot his way onto the Top 100 if he shows the potential he hinted at last summer.

Spencer Jones, OF, Yankees

Jones has an enviable combination of power and athleticism that could make him a valuable player on both sides of the ball. He has the type of physicality and brute strength the Yankees covet—being lefthanded doesn’t hurt, either—and both traits showed up in spades in his pro debut, spent mostly at Low-A Tampa. Even in a short sample as a pro, scouts noticed that Jones did a good job closing an early hole on the inside of the plate and doing a better job overall to cover the entirety of the strike zone. If Jones can keep that up, his natural ability to crush the baseball will shoot up not only the Yankees’ list, but also onto the Top 100.

Mason Miller, RHP, Athletics

Miller fell a little bit off the radar during the 2022 season because of injuries that limited him to just six starts during the regular season, including two at Triple-A. The A’s assigned him to the Arizona Fall League, where he spent six weeks showing his full potential. He overwhelmed hitters with a combination of a fastball that lived in the triple-digits and a putaway slider that garnered silly swings from accomplished…

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