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2023 Baseball Hall of Fame voting results: 11 takeaways, including hope for Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltrán

2023 Baseball Hall of Fame voting results: 11 takeaways, including hope for Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltrán

The results of the 2023 BBWAA portion of the Baseball Hall of Fame vote have been revealed and Scott Rolen is now a Hall of Famer, having received 76.3 percent of the vote. Here are the full results with official vote percentages. Players needed 75 percent of the vote to make it and at least five percent of the vote to remain on the ballot for next year, up to 10 years. 

Let’s dive deeper into the bigger takeaways from our Hall of Fame season. 

1. This is actually a two-man class

First of all, the Contemporary Era committee already selected Fred McGriff. There will be a Hall of Fame ceremony honoring two players this coming summer. McGriff is 59 years old while Rolen is 47. Both played for a handful of teams and it should make for a fun event weekend. 

2. Rolen’s case can provide hope 

In 2018, on a much more crowded ballot, Rolen got just 10.2 percent of the vote. But as the ballot cleared over the years with inductions of Hall of Famers and big-name players falling off without induction, spots cleared on the ballots of voters for Rolen. There was also a swell of support from several corners of the internet, pointing out Rolen’s defense deserved a lot more credit and that showed up in stats like WAR. 

Rolen’s move from 10.2 percent of the vote to making it via the writer vote was the biggest in history. It’s a record that might not stand long, as there are a few players we’ll discuss below making a move similar to Rolen. 

Certainly, big moves after pretty small beginnings is a theme with several of the prominent candidates on this ballot. 

3. Helton right on the precipice

As I detailed in discussing Rolen last month, it’s incredibly rare for players to top 62 percent with time to spare on the ballot and not get voted in shortly thereafter, whether just one or two more rounds of voting. Rolen was over that mark last year and made it this time around. Next up, Todd Helton. 

Helton, in his fifth year, got 72.2 percent. It would be unprecedented for a player to get to that level of the vote in his fifth year and not be inducted into the Hall. 

Using the available data, zero public ballots had 10 votes that did not include Helton. This is to say that even with players like Adrián Beltré and Joe Mauer coming on the ballot next year, the overwhelming majority of voters either voted for Helton or have spot(s) available to add him. There will be new voters. Some…

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