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USC baseball gets huge win as it tries to seal NCAA tourney bid

USC baseball strikes back, beats UCLA in crucial win

The chase is on. USC baseball is trying to hunt down one of the final at-large berths for the 2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament. The Trojans are on the bubble, trying to move the needle in the right direction just before the end of the Pac-12 baseball regular season. USC’s final Pac-12 series of the season is coming up in Tucson against the Arizona Wildcats. How the Trojans fare in that series will shape their bubble picture heading into the Pac-12 Tournament.

Before the Arizona series, however, USC had to tend to business in a midweek nonconference road game at Loyola Marymount. You might know that USC has won 26 games at home this season, which means USC has won very few games on the road.

The Trojans were able to come through, 8-6, against the Lions. Let’s look at some notable elements of this game and tell you what it means for USC heading into Tucson:

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