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IronPigs Unveil New Hex-Themed Saturday Uniforms

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November 15, 2023 – International League (IL)Lehigh Valley IronPigs News Release

Allentown, Pennsylvania – The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are excited to debut their new Pennsylvania Dutch and Hex-inspired Saturday home uniforms. The IronPigs will wear these uniforms for every Saturday home game at Coca-Cola Park.

In a significant nod to the region’s folklore and mysterious history, hex signs were placed by local farmers and other Pennsylvania Dutch on barns, homes and other buildings out of superstition. The signs were meant to protect (or place a “hex” on) the structures and things inside of them from evil, misfortune, the supernatural, witches and any enemies who may try to enter. All hex signs have sacred and, in many cases, mysterious and unique meanings and are believed to hold magical powers with each having its own succinct mythical meaning.

The new uniform features a navy base with red brick piping up the front and at the end of the sleeve. In font inspired by local Pennsylvania Dutch iconography and calligraphy, Lehigh Valley is written across the chest in white outlined in red with typical hex symbolism and features connected to the wordmark. The cap is the same navy color with a slight interlocking LV (representing Lehigh Valley) with additional hex symbolism.

Most importantly, on the left sleeve of the jersey is the IronPigs very own hex sign. The IronPigs hex sign includes crossed bats with a baseball in the middle. In the four areas that the crossed bats produce are symbols representing the areas that make up the Lehigh Valley (starting at the bottom and moving clockwise): a pig (representing the IronPigs and Coca-Cola Park), the Easton circle/square (representing Easton’s iconic downtown), a strawberry (representing Hess’s Strawberry pies and Allentown’s history), and the Moravian Star (representing Bethlehem’s cultural history).

Up the sides of the jersey from armpit down to the waist is a pattern featuring the symbols from the hex in vertical form. The jerseys are intended to place a hex on visiting teams to warn them from entering Coca-Cola Park while bringing good luck to the IronPigs and their fans – and any who adorn the hex sign.

The jersey and cap, as well as additional apparel (t-shirt, sweatshirts, etc.) are available for purchase at the IronPigs team store at Coca-Cola park or may be ordered online at

The IronPigs popular Bacon USA Saturday jersey will be replaced by the new Hex-themed jerseys. However, the…

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