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Three moves Dodgers should make in MLB offseason: Finally sign Shohei Ohtani, trade for Cy Young winner

Three moves Dodgers should make in MLB offseason: Finally sign Shohei Ohtani, trade for Cy Young winner

Major League Baseball’s offseason is in full swing, and things figure to get even more frantic with the Winter Meetings starting next week. So before it’s too late, let’s get out in front of the forthcoming deluge of signings and trades and tell certain notable teams how they should be conducting their business. 

This time up, it’s the perennially mighty Los Angeles Dodgers and lead decision-maker Andrew Friedman, who will nod dismissively when confronted with our unsolicited advice. In each instance, we strive to be realistic in addressing each team and operate under the awareness that teams can’t force players to sign with them or force other teams to trade with them. So consider these to be “politely recommended hypotheticals” as opposed to “unyielding marching orders.” 

Anyhow, assume the position, Dodgers, and be crushed under the weight of our counsel. Do these things now. 

Let’s not overthink such matters. Shohei Ohtani is the best and most famous baseball player in the world, and as such he presents a generational opportunity in free agency. He’s been heavily linked to the Dodgers thanks to the organization’s high level of success that’s been sustained across several seasons and the geographic familiarity they present to the long-time Angel. The Dodgers are also a revenue powerhouse and, more often than not, willing spenders. That’s to say nothing of L.A.’s past efforts to land the two-way phenom. 

On a more practical level, the Dodgers have an immediate need at DH thanks to the assumed free-agent departure of J.D. Martinez. Ohtani, of course, would fill that role perfectly, as he’s among the very best hitters in all of baseball. Dropping him into a lineup that already includes the likes of Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, and Will Smith is, to say the least, a tantalizing prospect. While Ohtani won’t pitch in 2024 thanks to the elbow procedure he underwent, he would help satisfy the Dodgers’ long-term rotation needs starting in 2025. 

To state the obvious, the competition for Ohtani will be intense with teams like the Rangers, Cubs, Red Sox, and Mets prepared to spend $500 million or more on him, but the Dodgers have a number of early advantages on this front. Don’t squander them. 

As just mentioned in passing, the Dodgers have some rotation concerns right about now. That’s the case even if they bring back franchise legend Clayton Kershaw thanks to his age and…

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