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2024 MLB Draft Order & Lottery Odds — College Baseball, MLB Draft, Prospects

2024 MLB Draft Order & Lottery Odds — College Baseball, MLB Draft, Prospects

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The Guardians won the MLB Draft Lottery on Tuesday night and will pick first in the 2024 MLB Draft, a stunning result considering the Guardians entered with just a 2% chance of winning the lottery.

The Athletics, Royals and Rockies all had an 18.3% chance to receive the first overall pick, the highest odds of any team.

The Nationals pay into revenue sharing and had a lottery pick in the 2023 draft (where they picked No. 2 overall and selected Dylan Crews). Under CBA rules they were not eligible to have a lottery selection in back-to-back drafts and will pick 10th.

Additionally, teams that exceed the second surcharge threshold of the competitive balance tax—which is $273 million for the 2023 season—will have its first overall pick dropped 10 spots unless it gets a top six pick in the lottery. If a team that exceeds that threshold does secure a lottery (top six) pick, its second-highest pick is dropped 10 spots.

The Mets, Padres and Yankees had payrolls that triggered this 10-spot penalty, though none of the three secured a lottery pick and so will pick at Nos. 19, 24 and 25, respectively.

The draft order for the 12 playoff teams is determined by a combination of their finish in the postseason, revenue sharing status of the club and reverse order of winning percentage during the regular season.

Here is the draft order with full results from the lottery.

2024 MLB Draft Order

1. Cleveland Guardians
2. Cincinnati Reds
3. Colorado Rockies
4. Oakland Athletics
5. Chicago White Sox
6. Kansas City Royals
7. St. Louis Cardinals
8. Los Angeles Angels
9. Pittsburgh Pirates
10. Washington Nationals
11. Detroit Tigers
12. Boston Red Sox
13. San Francisco Giants
14. Chicago Cubs
15. Seattle Mariners
16. Miami Marlins
17. Milwaukee Brewers
18. Tampa Bay Rays
19. New York Mets
20. Toronto Blue Jays
21. Minnesota Twins
22. Baltimore Orioles
23. Los Angeles Dodgers
24. Atlanta Braves
25. San Diego Padres
26. New York Yankees
27. Philadelphia Phillies
28. Houston Astros
29. Arizona Diamondbacks
30. Texas Rangers

Below were the 2024 lottery odds for each non-playoff team for the first overall pick entering the draft lottery.

2024 MLB Draft Lottery Odds

Team Odds
Athletics 18.30%
Royals 18.30%
Rockies 18.30%
White Sox 14.70%
Cardinals 8.30%
Angels 6.10%
Mets 4.30%
Pirates 3.00%
Guardians 2.00%
Tigers 1.60%

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