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2023 MLB Rule 5 Draft Order & Results — College Baseball, MLB Draft, Prospects

2023 MLB Rule 5 Draft Order & Results — College Baseball, MLB Draft, Prospects

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As expected, the 2023 MLB Rule 5 draft was one of the shortest in recent memory. Only 10 players were taken, which marked the second-smallest draft class of the 21st century, trailing only the nine players taken in the 2013 MLB Rule 5 draft.

But that didn’t keep the Yankees from being raided. Three different Yankees righthanders were selected, including the top two picks: Mitch Spence and Matt Sauer. That continues a tradition. Since 2000, the Yankees have had 32 players selected in the MLB Rule 5 draft, a full 8.9% of all 357 players selected over that span. The Guardians have lost the second most at 26.

This was viewed as a less talented Rule 5 class than normal, in large part because the 2020 draft was cut from 40 rounds to five because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the first year in which college players as well as 19-year-old high school draftees were eligible for Rule 5 selection. With so many fewer players entering the minors in 2020, the effects were felt downstream in 2023.

That’s also apparent in who was selected. A full 60% of this year’s picks have been Rule 5 eligible in a past draft as well: Spence, Sauer, Anthony Molina, Ryan Fernandez, Justin Slaten and Carson Coleman.

2023 MLB Rule 5 Draft Order


1. Oakland A’s — Mitch Spence, RHP, Yankees
2. Kansas City Royals — Matt Sauer, RHP, Yankees
3. Colorado Rockies — Anthony Molina, RHP, Rays
4. Chicago White Sox — Shane Drohan, LHP, Red Sox
5. Washington Nationals — Nasim Nunez, SS, Marlins
6. St. Louis Cardinals — Ryan Fernandez, RHP, Red Sox
7. Los Angeles Angels — PASS
8. New York Mets — Justin Slaten, RHP, Rangers
9. Pittsburgh Pirates — PASS
10. Cleveland Guardians — Deyvison De Los Santos, 3B, D-Backs
11. Detroit Tigers — PASS
12. Boston Red Sox — PASS
13. San Francisco Giants — PASS
14. Cincinnati Reds — PASS
15. San Diego Padres — Stephen Kolek, RHP, Mariners
16. New York Yankees — PASS
17. Chicago Cubs — PASS
18. Miami Marlins — PASS
19. Arizona Diamondbacks — PASS
20. Minnesota Twins — PASS
21. Seattle Mariners — PASS
22. Toronto Blue Jays — PASS
23. Texas Rangers — Carson Coleman, RHP, Yankees
24. Philadelphia Phillies — PASS
25. Houston Astros — PASS
26. Milwaukee Brewers — PASS
27. Tampa Bay Rays —
28. Los Angeles Dodgers —
29. Baltimore Orioles — PASS
30. Atlanta Braves — PASS


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