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12 best highlights for UF athletics in 2023

12 best highlights for UF athletics in 2023

There is a saying that is used so often that it is trending towards being a cliché. But it is true for most universities who compete at the FBS/Power 5 level in sports.

Football is the front porch of your school.

Which is certainly true at Florida.

This front porch needs a paint job and has a couple of rusty bicycles lying on their sides. One of the shutters is missing and the walkway’s pavers are cracked.

So, Florida will see if it can clean things up. But inside, man, it’s still a beautiful house. And you should see the back porch.

There are two kinds of Gator fans – those who only care about football and those who are passionate about every sport.

This Dooley’s Dozen is more for the latter than the former. And so we proceed with the 12 best sports moments of 2023 for the Gators and – as you can imagine – not many of them were on the gridiron.

Lots of baseball here.

Let’s start with my No. 1

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Because for me, it was definitely the men’s golf team winning the national title. Even Gators who aren’t golfers got into this because it was on TV and Florida had to beat FSU in the semifinals.

Then, Fred Biondi’s tap-in putt gave Florida the title over Georgia Tech and led to the best scene of the year when coach J.C Deacon and Ricky Castillo broke down sobbing in each other’s arms in the fairway.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The catch, Part I

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Everyone watching the Florida-TCU game held their breath when Horned Frogs slugger Brayden Taylor drilled a shot to center in a 3-2 game with two outs. Winner goes to the national finals.

Michael Robertson, who scored the lead run in the ninth as a pinch-runner, ran as hard and as fast as he could and made the catch that convinced my family to go to Omaha for the final series. I still get goosebumps watching the replays.

The catch, Part II

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Different sport and a much better catch, but not as important. Still, Rocky Pearsall’s amazing one-handed catch just before he was hammered by two Charlotte players was the best one a lot of people will tell you they have ever seen.

It was such a great catch that it was immortalized on a t-shirt.

Trinity Thomas is an 11

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She was “one louder” in 2023, recording her 28th perfect 10 in…

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