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MLB Opens Investigation Into Allegations Involving Shohei Ohtani, Ippei Mizuhara

Ohtani's Interpreter Fired, Accused Of Theft And Illegal Gambling

Two different issues, so I will address both.

1st Bauer

Bauer and his lawyer both admitted he beat and choked Hill. Whether it was consensual or not, he admitted committing the act. There were 2 other women that got restraining orders against him for the same thing.

The DA declined to press criminal charges because it was a he said, she said type of case and very, very few of those go to court. I remember reading in the LA times at the time that less than 10% are ever criminally charged. That sounds high to me. In San Diego county about 5% of reported sexual assault cases go to court.

That does NOT mean he was found innocent of sexual assault by a judge or jury in a court of law.

Bauer was found guilty on 3 counts, each with a different woman, of violating the MLB Domestic Violence Policy by MLB and by an independent arbitrator.

The only time he did go to court, Bauer lost the defamation case he filed against Deadspin. They found that Deadspin was in the right to say in their article that the doctors said she had been beaten to the point she had basilar facial fractures. Remember, Bauer had already admitted HE was the one that beat her.

Bauer had 3 women file for a restraining order and 2 won that order. Not sure what your definition of predator is, but if multiple women file for a restraining order against you, that is a predator to me.

Now about Ohtani.

Regardless of whether he was doing it to cover his own gambling debts or to pay off his interpreter’s gambling debts, Ohtani likely committed wire fraud, a federal offense punishable by up to a 20 year jail sentence per charge.

For transfers from a personal bank account, Its practically impossible for anyone to make a wire transfer of over $10,000 without the account holders knowledge and active participation in the transfer. That means that at the very least, Ohtani knew about and helped Mizuhara(sp?) make the transfers and that is a crime.

One of the things that has to be done is make a detailed report about the reason for the wire transfer. The claim by Ohtani’s camp originally that it was for a “loan” is not enough. What was the loan to purchase? Who is the lender? What is their CA license? The bank will require all that information and more. has information on exactly what is required in that disclosure.

Banks also have the information available in Japanese so Ohtani could read exactly what he was filling out and attesting to. Remember, the…

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