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24 storylines for 2024 MLB season: Eyes on Shohei Ohtani, Dodgers, plus how many home runs will Yankees hit?

24 storylines to know for 2024 MLB season: Dodgers' superteam status, Yankees home run hopefuls and more

Major League Baseball’s regular season officially got underway last week, when the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres played a two-game series in Seoul, South Korea. We can forgive anyone willing to overlook those games in favor of declaring March 28 as the one true Opening Day. There’s a certain logic to that thinking, after all, since it’ll mark the first time that the entire league is in action on a given day this year.

Wherever you fall on that argument, let us rejoice at two undebatable facts: the games once again count, and they’ll be played nearly every day from now until October. But, before MLB can push off from the shore and embark on another six-month trek, we here at CBS Sports figured it would be fruitful to touch upon the biggest storylines facing the 2024 season. 

With that in mind, below we’ve asked (and explained) 22 questions that will shape the coming year. Scroll slowly with us, won’t you, as we break down the 2024 MLB season. 

1. What happens with the Ohtani-Mizuhara investigation?

Let’s face it. The biggest storyline in MLB has become — and will remain until its conclusion — the league’s investigation into Shohei Ohtani and his former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara. That’s going to be the case anytime the game’s top player is linked, even as a non-participant, to a gambling scandal.

For those unaware, the short version goes like this: Mizuhara is alleged to have placed illegal bets on non-diamond sports with an accused bookmaker. For reference, MLB personnel are allowed to gamble on non-diamond sports provided that sports betting is legal in that jurisdiction; sports betting is not legal in California. 

Mizuhara reportedly racked up a multi-million dollar gambling debt along the way, and has alleged that Ohtani paid it off for him. Mizuhara has changed his story since initially offering that explanation, however, muddying the waters on what Ohtani knew, when he knew it, and if he agreed to wire money to an accused illegal bookmaker. (Said bookmaker has denied ever meeting or talking to Ohtani.) 

While Ohtani has denied any involvement with the gambling aspect, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered by a thorough investigation given baseball’s sordid history with gambling.

2. Can the Dodgers make good on the hype?

No team was more active over the offseason than the Dodgers. Andrew Friedman’s forbearance allowed him to…

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