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Twins draft pick Travis Adams saves Florida man from a house fire


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Travis Adams, a 2021 Minnesota Twins draft pick, ended up being in the right place at the right time as he saved a Fort Myers, Fla., resident from a house fire. Adams was in the area for spring training with the Twins when the scenario took place.

According to WINK in Fort Myers, the Fort Myers Fire Department received a call of a house fire on Arlington Street on Monday night.  Adams was staying in a residence nearby, heard a loud bang and immediately took action.

“I ran and kind of asked if, like, anyone was in the house and whatnot,” Adams said. “Like no one knew and so me and the guy went to the front door and started like knocking on it. And like someone had to break in the front window. And, like, I think they knew who was in there. He was yelling ‘Howard, your house is on fire, get out.'”  

“We couldn’t like get in. And so I had to go around. And let’s see, there’s another door. And so there was a door on the side,” Adams added. “So I end up like tearing a little bit little part of the fence down and get back there and we end up getting the door open and kind of moving some stuff out of the way of that door and getting him out,

Adams continued, “My goal was just to help him out of the house because I didn’t know like how much of the house is on fire or, you know, what was on fire. I saw a big old blaze and fire and smoke coming from the house.”  

The 24-year-old and three additional neighbors ended up getting the man to safety

Adams was originally selected by the Twins in the sixth round (No. 189 overall) of the 2021 MLB Draft. He is a right-handed pitcher in Minnesota’s farm system, and spent the season with the franchise’s Double-A affiliate, the Wichita Wind Surge. Adams has put together a 10-19 record to go along with a 4.93 ERA and 208 strikeouts in three seasons with the Twins organization.

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