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MLB Opening Day overreactions: Mike Trout in familiar spot, Tigers have Cy Young favorite, problem for Houston

MLB Opening Day overreactions: Mike Trout in familiar spot, Tigers have Cy Young favorite, problem for Houston

In every sport, we’re prone to overreacting to the first thing we see in a new season. It’s human nature. We’ve been sitting around for months dreaming of seeing the fresh season with newly shaped rosters, and the first day is the only sample we have in the new campaign. 

Major League Baseball has a quirk to it that other professional sports don’t, and that would be the daily aspect. We’ve got 162 of these freaking things. We know we shouldn’t go crazy about seeing something. It would be like deciding an NFL team was definitely terrible or awesome based upon the first two possessions or something. And still, we do it because, again, we’re human. 

As such, we’ll run through some possible overreactions here on MLB’s official Opening Day (even though two Dodgers-Padres games were played last week in Seoul, South Korea). 

Remember, we’re having fun here with possibly tongue-in-cheek subheadings, but will include earnest analysis to determine if the overreaction was indeed an overreaction that’ll be corrected or if it’s truly a sign of things to come. 

We’re getting a World Series rematch

The last time there was a World Series rematch in consecutive seasons? That would be 1978. In 1977, the Yankees beat the Dodgers in the World Series and then in 1978, it happened again, with the Yankees repeating for their 22nd championship. 

As you might recall, the Rangers beat the Diamondbacks in the 2023 Fall Classic, four games to one. The Diamondbacks did good work on their roster in the offseason and the Rangers are retaining that loaded offense. The Rangers had to deal with a feisty and strong Cubs team on Opening Day but showed their mettle by tying the game in the bottom of the ninth and then winning it in the 10th. The Diamondbacks were only tasked with the lowly Rockies, but made a statement in an utter dismantling of the woeful Rox. 

Both teams are amazing! It’s finally another repeat World Series, right? 

Verdict: C’mon. What are the odds of this actually happening with so many other good-to-great teams? Even if both of these teams are juggernauts in the regular season, the win totals last year during the regular season were 90 for the Rangers and 84 for the Diamondbacks, a nice illustration of how much of a crapshoot the playoffs can be. 

For D-backs and Rangers fans, be happy and cherish the Opening Day Ws. But there are 161 to go before the playoff gauntlet. 


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