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Hudson White’s one-out double walks off Tigers in the 10th

Hudson White’s one-out double walks off Tigers in the 10th

The Hogs put on a show tonight!

Arkansas beat LSU, 4-3, in a defensive masterpiece.

Both teams made incredible defensive plays throughout the game. Pitching was superb from both bullpens, but the real story was fielding.

LSU’s first baseman, Jared Jones made huge plays late in the game.

In the bottom of the seventh, Jones rushed toward a Jared Sprague-Lott bunt and flipped it home with his glove to tag out Wehiwa Aloy. He also brought in a wild throw to first that ended the inning and might’ve saved the Tigers in the bottom of the ninth.

With Jones making plays like that at 6’4, 250 pounds, LSU head coach Jay Johnson might need to beat Brian Kelly off with a stick. But the Hogs had a playmaker of their own as well.

Peyton Stovall was outstanding at second base. Over and over again, he would make big-league plays, flipping ground balls to first in the nick of time. In the top of the sixth, Stovall fielded a chopper right in front of Michael Braswell III, tagged him, and got the double play at first.

Fortunately, Stovall wasn’t just excellent from the field, he was also the best at the plate. He went 3/5 with an RBI and two leadoff doubles.

But it was catcher Hudson White that took all the glory, however. Just like how Kendall Diggs’ 3-run homer stole the show on Thursday, White’s one-out double in the tenth drove Will Edmunson home to walk off the match. He was hilariously thanked by having his shirt ripped off and water dumped on his head.

The heavy-weight fight will continue tomorrow as the Hogs have a chance to sweep the No. 8 Tigers on Saturday.

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