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How to watch, steam, listen to Arkansas Baseball vs. LSU

Arkansas has given its fans two incredibly entertaining series in a row. The most amazing part is that Arkansas’ offense has slowly started to come alive.

In the past, the batting strategy for the Hogs has been “hit hard, hit often,” and in some respects, that’s still the case. But in recent games, they’ve started to use small ball, patience at the play, and good situational hitting to produce runs, especially against LSU.

In addition to the new offense, Arkansas’ fielding seems to be gelling just in time for SEC play. For years, Arkansas fans were spoiled with the greatness that was Jalen Battles at shortstop, watching him turn one double play after another. But Wehiwa Aloy is in his first season with the Hogs, so there’s been some growing pains.

Now, it looks like everything is coming together when it matters, and you need not look further than yesterday’s match against the Tigers to see why.

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LSU generated every single run with a home run. On the other hand, only two of Arkansas’ runs came on Stovall’s homer in the sixth.

The Hogs had more at-bats with runners in scoring position (RISP) than LSU, 11 to 6, respectively. Arkansas only allowed one hit with RISP while taking advantage of 3 of its opportunities.

While this is technically a batting stat, it shows how effective Arkansas’ defense was, forcing the Tigers to go yard anytime they wanted to score.

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While Arkansas scored the same amount of runs as LSU with two outs, its batting average was much better than the Tigers. The Razorbacks batted .417 with two outs, while LSU averaged .300.

While this stat isn’t necessarily one with much importance to this specific game, it is showing growth in Arkansas’ hitters. For the first few weeks of the season, they were much like LSU, hitting for power and hoping to go yard. Now, they’re hitting often, and they’re hitting when it matters.

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Other than the previous two stats, LSU either outperformed or was dead even with Arkansas at the plate. How the Hogs made up for it was fielding, specifically, double plays.

The Hogs had 3 double plays in timely situations. The first wasn’t without some damage to the Hogs, but it mitigated it. In the third, Arkansas gave up a 2-run homer by Ashton Larson that would’ve been worse had it not been for a double play on the at-bat…

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