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Paul Skenes, Jack Leiter Among 10 Triple-A Statcast Standouts (March 31) — College Baseball, MLB Draft, Prospects

Paul Skenes, Jack Leiter Among 10 Triple-A Statcast Standouts (March 31) — College Baseball, MLB Draft, Prospects

Now that the minor league season has returned, we’ll take a peek behind the Statcast curtain on Mondays and pick out 10 names (five pitchers and five hitters) who stood out to us.

These are not intended to be complete scouting reports. However, elite tools are often a harbinger of things to come, especially when it comes to batted ball data, pitch velocity, and pitch traits. Keep in mind we are really early in the season, so sample sizes are extremely small.

The Rockies’ No. 4 prospect absolutely mashed for Albuquerque on opening weekend. Let’s take a look at his batted ball data:

Beck had five batted ball events above 100 mph, including three which were above 20 degrees launch angle. Hitting the ball hard, in the air, is a surefire way to get to most of your power. It’s also noteworthy that his hardest hit balls were all on sliders and cutters. He hasn’t flashed elite exit velos just yet, but the hard fly ball contact is a great early sign.

Coby Mayo, 3B, Orioles

Coby had the second and third hardest hit balls in Triple-A opening weekend, twice topping 111 mph. He had a third 106+ mph batted ball as well. Mayo’s combination of plus power and plus contact skills is special. He’s continuing what he did last season, with a minuscule 9.7% swinging strike percent in the early going, along with an ideal 17 degree launch angle. He won’t be in Triple-A for much longer.

Addison Barger, 3B, Blue Jays

Barger continues to mash, with three batted ball events over 105 mph. He’s struggling to hit the ball in the air, averaging a paltry 1.3 degree launch angle, which is limiting his game power. However, he’s continuing to make a lot of contact, with a pristine 9.8% swinging strike percentage. He also played third exclusively for all three games. He hasn’t played a ton of third in his career, but he looks major league ready with the bat, and should provide a ton of value with his defensive versatility.

Connor Norby, 2B, Orioles

Norby deserves to be on a major league team. He’s seen 52 pitches so far, and has only four whiffs on 27 swings, putting 15 balls in play. His average exit velocity is a tremendous 95.1 mph at an ideal 17.1 degree launch angle, all better than No.1 overall prospect Jackson Holliday. We are clearly not suggesting that Norby is the superior prospect. However it serves to highlight just how good Norby has been in the tiny three-game sample this season, after posting an .886 OPS in Double-A in 2022 and an…

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