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MSU Baseball Feature: Baseball Farm Club

MSU Baseball Feature: Baseball Farm Club

Baseball players often dream of their chance to play in the big leagues. For Michigan State freshman pitcher Garrett Brewer, there are additional dreams for big things in the future. 

His sights aren’t centered on his future on just the baseball diamond, rather, fields for farming. 

“I’m staying around the farm and I can go back to it when I’m done with this,” said Brewer, a freshman agribusiness major about his plans after baseball.

The four-year high school letterwinner from Berrien Springs High School committed to MSU with an impressive career behind him. He amassed 93 strikeouts in 38.2 IP with a 0.91 ERA as a senior, but it was the farm that made him pick MSU. 

Brewer grew up on a hay farm in Eau Claire, Mich., a small town in the southwestern part of the state. His life revolved around baseball and the farm, as Brewer spent most of his days playing ball and then coming home to work. 

“Getting to go to a baseball tournament was fun,” said Brewer. “Then we’d do hay, have to go to practice, and then most of the time come back and do more hay.”

Brewer, who stands 6-3, was a multi-sport varsity letterwinner in football and basketball, in addition to baseball. He said it can be a lot of work, especially when he is in season, to be an athlete and work on the farm.

“The summer was probably the worst, because you get home from baseball practice or something, they’d call you over to the hay field, so you’d have to drive over there and start doing hay,” Brewer said.

It’s not the hay that keeps him motivated, it’s the animals. Brewer said that they are one of his favorite parts. 

“We have cows, horses, we have some goats now, and two pigs,” said Brewer. “The cows are my favorite. They’re cute when they’re little. And then they grow up. I mean, they get to be a hassle when they’re older, but I probably like them the most.”

Brewer loves doing what he knows. He has been on the farm his whole life and plans to stay.

“My favorite part is probably the pasture,” said Brewer. “As a kid, we’d run around out there, play with the horses, play with the cows, and it’s just a nice place. And there’s a creek down below we always used to fish in.”

Coming from a town with a smaller population than students at MSU can take time and effort to adjust. Brewer said it’s a big change from seeing tractors daily to freeways with speeding cars.

“We’d be driving…

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