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LOOK: Red Sox legend David Ortiz swings and misses during gender reveal


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Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz was one of the most feared hitters in Major League Baseball during his storied career. However, it appears that he may have lost a step since retiring from the sport back in 2016.

Ortiz and his girlfriend, María Yeribell Martínez, are expecting their first child and recently held an event in which they were going to reveal the gender of their baby. Given Ortiz’s success in the sport, the two set up a baseball-themed gender reveal.

During the event, Martinez threw one inside that Ortiz completely swung and missed on.

Now blue dust did end up coming out following Ortiz’s swing once the ball hit the ground. However, Ortiz got heavily jammed inside during the event.

Since announcing his retirement, Ortiz has served as a broadcaster and seems to be enjoying his post-baseball career. However, it’s safe to say that he hasn’t been practicing a ton of plate discipline since walking away from the diamond.

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