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Festivus grievances for all 30 MLB teams: Disappointing owners, bad pitching and more 2023 failures

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1 Target: Madison Bumgarner. Grievance: In case you somehow missed it, the Diamondbacks ended up an unlikely NL champion in 2023. They were, however, short on starting pitching in the playoffs and ended up having to use a bullpen game as, essentially, their fourth starter. Remember Bumgarner? He was the D-backs’ highest-paid player this season at $23 million, even though he was cut after four awful starts. His refusal to adapt as he aged was one of the biggest reasons he was an abject failure with the ballclub. Had he been more open and learned how to pitch better at a more advanced age, it’s possible the Diamondbacks would have won the World Series. 2 Target: Playoff shrinkage and deflection Grievance: The Braves won 104 games in the regular season and were an absolute juggernaut in doing so. They lost three of four playoff games — and the one win was a late comeback in which they nearly lost — while hitting .186/.255/.264 as a team. We had to hear about how it was the media’s fault after the “atta boy Harper” incident and then the excuses about the playoff format from fans and some local media flowed like water. Kudos to the players like Spencer Strider who owned the team failures instead of whining about something external. Everyone else, I got a lot of problems with you people. 3

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